German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is a noble, highly intellegent dog. He needs to use his mind and energy to excel at something. Obedience, police work, tracking or simply guarding his property; to do his job he needs a partner. So, if his job is to be your faithful companion, you must be his as well. Not as his equal but his "pack leader."

As a breeder I realize there are differences in taste when it comes to the confirmation of your Shepherd. Personally, I appreciate both the Old American lines as well as the American/German lines. There are definite differences between these lines. Adelhorst Kennels offers black/red, black/tan as well as solid black pigmented German Shepherds. We have short, plush, and long coated pups available depending on buyer's preference.

The German Shepherd has been in my life since birth. I have a love for the over all make-up of the breed. My goal as a breeder is to offer beautiful, healthy, even tempered pups for families or those seeking therapy dogs. My Adelhorst breeding program is made up of dams/sires with OFA certification or precertification on hips and elbows.

A beautiful Shepherd is nothing with out a solid, well rounded temperment. Temperment is the main focus here at Adelhorst. By this I simply mean the same dog suitable for guarding, shouldbe able to be a toddler's best friend as well as a therapy dog. Therefore, you will see all of Shepherds are, or soon will be, AKC certified as well as in a therapy dog program.

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