Board & Train

I personally train your dog here at my facility, Adlehorst Kennels. This training includes your basic obedience commands as well as any trouble shooting needed. Any and all breeds are accepted and references are available!

One of the first questions people  frequently have is "will my dog work for me?" Yes! He/She is trained to understand and react to the commands regardless of the person giving them. I do, however, require that the person/family give me an appropriate amount of time needed after my training to teach you how to use these commands with your dog. Arrangements for this made on an individual basis.

board & train

There are many benefits to this training option. Some choose to take advantage of this program when they are already taking a vacation and would be boarding their dog anyway; others simply cannot do the training themselves because of scheduling restrictions, or other various reasons. Ultimately, when you dog's time here is completed, your dog will be able to: heel next to you on your left side while you walk with a loose leash, sit automatically when you quit walking, down on first command, and obey the stay and come commands. Also any other unique obedience issues can be added into the training upon request.

- $500/week (boarding included)
- References available
- All breeds and sizes accepted
- AKC titling available (more info upon request)

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